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Spoke guards for your wheelchair

From my own experience I know that a wheelchair is a very useful but sometimes tedious and boring aid. For a long time I have been searching for a way to make my own wheelchair more fun and more "me". Because I could not find what I wanted, I decided to develop spoke protectors for my wheelchair. I now get many positive comments on my wheelchair and have therefore decided to give other wheelchair users the possibility to give their wheelchair a unique look also. I give you the opportunity to provide your own wheelchair with spoke protectors with your own design or picture.

The spoke protectors are available in different sizes and are always delivered with a cut so that they lie flat on the spokes, this prevents hurting you fingers. Since each wheel is differtent, the spoke protectors be delivered without holes. These can easily be drilled using a steel drill bit and the spoke protector can than be attached to the wheel using tie straps.

The price per set of 2 is € 100, - including shipping within the Netherlands (please contact me for international shipping), VAT and tie straps

For your convenience we can also attach the spoke protector to you wheelchair at our address by appointment only for a small surcharge, including coffee and cake while you wait.

Interest and / or have questions? Please contact me about the possibilities.


Hanneke Bettman

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